Monday, August 1, 2011

flannel shirt - thrifted from little boys section, skirt - thrifted, lace tights - fred meyer, boots - thrifted, purse - coach

Um, you guys, how ridiculous is it that it is fucking JULY and I am still wearing tights?? Sure, they're sheer/open weave ones, but I have only gone barelegged a few times this year and that? Not cool. Summer is totally my favorite season and having it be so lousy is really depressing. On the bright side, it means I can wear favorites like this flannel year round, but come ON, I haven't even gone swimming this year! whine whine whine . . . I bet you are totally sick of hearing about me complain about this weather, especially if you live in the rest of the country where it is unbearably hot, but no matter how miserable you think that heat is, I would trade in a second. I just want a real summer.

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