Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Detail Week, Day 3

All this summer has had notes of fall. It's never really gotten hot and I've been incorporating a lot of my fall fashion staples into my summer wardrobe. Shoes especially. I don't think I've worn a single pair of sandals this summer. And as you can see, there's already some confused, pretty colored leaves dropping off the trees. I am enjoying sitting outside during lunch every chance I get. I figure I better soak up as much of the limited sunshine as possible. I haven't been sitting in my usual spot by the river though, because it's in full sun and I get sweaty and I feel gross when I go back inside. I don't mine being sweaty outside, but sweating inside is disgusting. Instead, I sit in the grass in half sun/half shade between the parking lot and the trail and read about genius tennis players who like to get secretly high.

Nude Oxfords with Fall Leaf

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