Friday, July 31, 2009

100 years of solitude

skirt - kimchi & blue, shirt - urban outfitters, headband - present from j

This is actually what I changed into after blueberry picking with my grandma and mom yesterday. It was gross and hot, but we picked about eight pounds in just an hour, which will be made into pies, jam, or frozen to be enjoyed later. Oh, and I almost lost my sunglasses at the blueberry farm today! I was so sad, since I love those funny Humphrey's, but I went back while our berries were being weighed and found them at the end of the row.

I got this skirt at Urban Outfitters last summer, intending to wear it all the time with simple tshirts. I didn't end up wearing it much since it's a little bit of an odd shape. I really like the smocking detail, but usually my shirt covers that, so I tucked in the shirt this time. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Since it's currently too hot for bangs, I pulled them up into a mini-pomp to keep them off my face. That required a headband, hence this one Justina gave to me for Christmas two years ago. I've worn it a couple times, but then it got left in my car for a really long time, and then that car was totalled and I cleaned it out and it has been sitting in a box of stuff I never sorted from that car ever since. It's really cute though. Purple and gold paisley = awesome.

(this old apple tree used to be my favorite to climb)

p.s. my birthday is today! i'm 20!

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