Tuesday, July 28, 2009

fo sho if i tell you how do my dancin'

pants - urban outfitters, shirt - urban outfitters, tanktop - old navy

I got both these pants and this shirt when I was hanging out with my dad awhile ago. Well, actually he bought them for me. The shirt is really cozy, more like a sweatshirt, really. Super comfortable. I wore this outfit (plus some shoes - converse) on Thursday (just got around to posting it) to a party/bonfire. It was fun, but I did some stupid stuff that night, which led to some drama on Saturday. Oh well, most of the people there were strangers, so while I do feel bad, I don't feel THAT bad. By the way, it is DEATHLY hot here right now, so I have been dressing really boring/inappropriately. Currently wearing: underwear and a tanktop.

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