Sunday, July 12, 2009

finally! sunglasses

shirt - pacsun, jeans - pacsun, shoes - converse, necklace - ghana, purse - hand me down, camera - yashica (from my mom's aunt)

I went shopping with Amanda the other day, after taking some pictures with this new camera. Well, really old, but new for me. It's awesome how once people hear you're into photography, specifically film, they start giving you all their old cameras. Some end out being quite nice and others aren't so good (I have a Canon that's really tough to use in manual mode, which is how I prefer to shoot) but it's really cool. Anyways, Amanda was looking for some jeans. Why are jeans that fit so hard to find? We ended up at PacSun and found a pair that were alright. Looks like they don't have my favorite jeans (the ones I'm wearing up there) any more. Bummer. I liked the straight leg, instead of skinny or bookcut, but oh well. Amanda found some nice skinny jeans, without too much weird fading, that she liked pretty well. We also went to Value Village. That was nice because I could actually afford stuff. Amanda found the cutest sundress ever and Dior silk scarf. I got two silk scarves and a pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses were broken, I was bummed when I found them because I liked them so much but they were missing an arm, which I found on the floor, so I got them for half off, which ended up only being a dollar. All I had to do to fix them was steal a screw out of another pair of broken sunglasses when I got home. I really really like them. The brand is Humphrey's, which I just think is the coolest name.


  1. Those scarves look great--I like the colors and patterns.

  2. Thanks for the photography tips!
    These glasses are such a great find. I love the shape! And what an increedibly low price :O

  3. Value Village is da bomb! But I always end up finding the best stuff at tiny little hole in the wall thrift stores, instead of the department store-ish ones.

    Plus, your hair is amazing.

  4. i have to tell you again i love your hair cut! bangs look really nice on you