Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the fourth

shirt (worn as a dress) - thrifted, slip - mom's, belt - thrifted, shoes - random gladiators, purse - mom's from the 90s

I got a bunch of men's XL shirts at the thrift store awhile back, planning to reconstruct them into cute little sundresses but I haven't gotten to that yet, so I wore this one as it is, just belted. I like that the sleeves kind of turn batwing/kimono-y, although it definitely tended to ride up. I didn't mind the slip showing a bit, as long as it was just the lace part, but tugging it down repeatedly definitely got annoying.

We enjoyed both the public and private fireworks, although the dry grass was a little sketchy for lighting them off. I'm actually pretty happy with how the pictures turned out, but I think I'd be a lot happier if I had used a tripod. Something like the gorillapod would be perfect for these sorts of situations.

But sparklers really are my farorite firework, despite the fact that I like lighting the other ones. Sparklers are just so pretty, and fun to make designs with when taking pictures.

I made a delicious strawberry rhubarb pie, with rhubarb from the garden and strawberries picked locally. I love making pies, but this was my first one with a lattice top crust. I love how it looked.

This is the one shitty thing about the fourth, especially in a dry year. Usually we have so much rain that everything is nice and damp all the time and there's very little danger of fire. But this year we had pretty much no rain in the weeks leading up to the holiday. This fire was caused by some idiot (probably a stupid hick wearing Carhartts and driving a lifted truck, but I'm being a little judgmental) throwing a cherry bomb out the window of their car as they went around the corner by my house. Luckily there were smart people around who reacted quickly and knew what to do (most efficient way to deal with something like this is shoveling dirt on the flames) and the fire department got there quickly. Still, it was a little frightening so close to my house, and made me angry that someone could be so completely unthinking and inconsiderate of other people's safety. I mean, the flames even jumped the road, and were climbing up a tree when the fire department arrived.

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