Thursday, July 2, 2009

i used to be so big and strong; i used to know my right from wrong

dress - vintage, shoes - random gladiators, purse - vintage

I have yet to actually take decent pictures of this dress. I will someday! The one problem with this dress is how short yet full skirted it is. It makes windy days rather treacherous. Amanda and I were in Fremont today, hanging out with a cute boy from her English class, and there were some close calls when it comes to flashing everyone my underwear. Including one time, on his roof, when the wind blew my skirt all the way up around my waist. Luckily we were all looking at the view (amazing), so no one saw my bright pink underwear.

Amanda climbing on the Fremont Troll. This is also the best picture I have of the troll. LAME. Fremont definitely needs another visit soon (and not just because Fremont Boy is a cutie, plus totally my soul mate in literature). A stop at Wendy's for spicy chicken fillets and a sing-a-long to Spice Girls/Nine Inch Nails on the way home completed an already fun day filled with coffee, beer, and ice cream (in that order), checking out the troll, some parks, a record store (picked up a Kraftwerk tape), and a bookstore, and finally watching Army of Darkness at Fremont Boy's apartment.

But hey, I have this old hand-me-down dress that I think is pretty cute, however, the length is a bit of a problem. I think I need to shorten it, but I'm not sure how short. I sort of like it the length it is though. There's something a little 30s/40s about it to me, by way of the 90s. However, I think it'll be a lot more wearable if I shorten it. Advice?


  1. Love your vintage dress and shortening the other one is a great idea too, it would look really good! x

  2. Oh dear, I have a huge problem with accidentally flashing people. Short skirts are dangerous!

    P.S. The dress is super cute! I don't think it looks bad at that length, but it'd probably get way more wear if you shortened it to just above the knee length.