Tuesday, July 28, 2009

scribblings from late last night

every kiss is different. unique. some kisses are quick, over before you realize they're happening. others are long and lingering and you savor every second. some kisses can be boring--you're thinking about how you need to feed your cat or do some laundry, and oh yeah, you need to write that 1000 word history paper. some kisses are passionate, some kisses are tender. some come from love, some come from lust, and some come from both. some kisses you see coming, anticipating them all night and others take you by surprise. some are lazy and sleepy and soft while others are hard and insistant. some kisses are wanted. some kisses are not. some kisses could make you cry with how beautiful they are and some you'd rather forget about all together. sometimes you like the person you kiss and sometimes you don't. some kisses never happen, but they are kisses all the same. some kisses are romantic. some kisses are sexy. some kisses are sleazy. some kisses are innocent. some kisses are an ending and some beginning. sometimes you want to kiss the other person more thean they want to kiss you and sometimes they want you more than you want them. some kisses shake you up (in a good or bad way) and some kisses calm you right down. sometimes kisses lead to more. som e kisses say a thousand words and some are mute and meaningless. some kisses are an ending and some a beginning. kisses can be familiar, comfortable, exciting, new, dramatic, familial, friendly, perfect, flawed. each kiss is different. some are good. some are bad. I don't regret a single one.

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