Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sandblast Day 2

Sunday less of my friends were hanging out at Sandblast, but Tommy did come by and we explored a little down by the river. I had to leave a little early (obviously not early enough) to go to the No Doubt concert.

I've really been liking red lipstick lately. I'm not sure why, usually I'm more about heavy eyeliner, but nice red lips are just about my favorite thing ever these days. I like it when it's perfect, and I also like it when it's a little messy, and I love using stains that make it look like you've been eating strawberries or popsicles all day. In this picture I'm wearing an "Illuminating Lip Lacquer" by Physician's Formula in "Retro Red." It's sort of like a gloss, except pretty long-wearing and highly pigmented, but it doesn't dry out your lips like some long-wearing lip colors do. Also, it's shiny all on it's own, so you don't need a second gloss on top of it.

I took some photos with the Yashica while I was at Sandblast. I'm starting to like using it a little more, although I wish my lenses from the Minolta worked with it as well. But I'm starting to like the style of light meter it uses, which I used to hate, because you don't have to turn the camera on or off, just press a button to check the exposure. I'll definitely put those up when I get the film developed.

dress - vintage/hand-me-down, shoes - random gladiators, sunglasses - thrifted humphrey's, purse - mom's (vintage coach), camera - vintage yashica

I finally took good pictures while wearing this dress! Oh man, it's like my favorite dress ever. It's soooo nineties, with the small floral and the short skirt and it's just perfect. The princess seams and lacing in the back make it fit so well and the skirt is wonderfully full. Which, as I've mentioned before, is a hazard on windy days, but it twirls so perfectly. I want to go swing dancing in this dress, except I don't know how to swing dance.


  1. Ooh, I'm loving the dress! Your red lipstick looks really good too! I always wear red lipstick for outfit pictures but always take it off afterwards. For some reason if I'm not wearing the lipstick in the outfit pics, I look like I have no lips!

  2. such a pretty dress!