Monday, July 20, 2009


Dear Whiteriver Amphitheater,
You suck. I hate you. You are goddamn motherfucking piece of shit. Trying to see a show at you makes me want to put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger. I hope a giant hole opens in the earth and swallows you up and you fall into the fiery pits of hell.

Had tickets to see No Doubt last night ($10 for lawn seating sounded like a pretty good deal) at the Whiteriver Amphitheater. I'd never been before. The drive that should have taken us an hour took over three. Missed both opening bands (The Sounds and Paramore, didn't mind because they suck and I've seen Paramore before) and the first couple No Doubt songs. The show itself was pretty good, but I am never again going to Auburn (too many casinos) and especially never going to Whiteriver. Hanging out in the parking lot after the show, waiting to be able to get out of there, these two guys came up to us. They thought they knew Liam and needed to borrow a phone. One of them was completely trashed and kept asking us what high school we went to and holding our hands. When they left, the drunk one hugged each of us (I never ever know what to do when strangers want to hug me and it happens all the time) and his friend told me I was cute. My favorite part of the night was probably that I just barely made it home without having to stop for gas. I'd borrowed my step-dad's car since mine was in the shop, and wanted to save my very limited cash to put gas in my own car when I get it back from the mechanic. But it was perfect.

While we were stuck in traffic, Amanda thought she heard an animal noise from the marsh next to the highway. A minute later, a girl from the car two cars ahead of us jumped out and ran across the highway (the lane next to us was an exit only and the cars in it were not stopped and were going very fast so it was a little sketchy) to the marsh and picked up a cat! She ran back to her car. Later, we were right behind them and both our windows were open, so we talked to them a bit. They told us they were going to name the kitty Adrien, and put it in the back window so we could see how cute it was. It was just a kitten. We told them how glad we were that they rescued it.

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