Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i'm melting. honest lee.

dress - thrifted XL men's shirt, belt - borrowed from step-dad, shoes - target, purse - vintage coach

As you may know, I live in Washington State, near Seattle. We are known for cool rainy weather. Our summers are generally pleasant, but rarely could be described as hot. The past few days have been hot. Like really hot. Really really hot. I shouldn't complain since I know so many places are much much hotter, but I'm not used to this, ok? Sure, I visit Texas, or the Midwest, or New York, and have experienced this kind of heat. But here? It's not supposed to be like this here. Today, the high temperature was 95 degrees. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter. The average high for July 28? 77 degrees. The record? 97 degrees, in 1958. I can't handle this! It is currently nearly three in the morning, and the temperature is 77 degrees. That's the average high temperature for the daytime! What the hell?

All complaining aside, today was really a good day. I actually am starting to get a little acclimated to the heat. I managed to do laundry and hang it out on the clothesline (shit, did I remember to bring my last load in?), as well as clean a spot in my hallway outside my bedroom that has become a dumping ground for random junk. I'm surviving by forgetting pants ever existed, drinking lots of water, and taking frequent breaks to sit entirely still. I also cannot bear to have any hair on my face in this heat, hence pinned up bangs. A cold beer with dinner is just about my favorite thing on earth right now. Thank god my mom is cool with that, otherwise I would be cursing our stupid drinking age. Instead, I enjoyed a nice cold, non-shitty beer with the grilled chicken and zucchini my mom made for dinner. (One reason I love drinking at home: My mom buys better beer than my friends. One reaon I love drinking with my friends: They may have shitty beer, but I can get trashed.)

I spent the rest of the evening sitting around listening to records, eating ice cream, and having a good session of girl talk with J and A. I've been meaning to grab the stack of records (mainly old ones that used to belong to my step-dad) I stashed up in the attic during a cleaning spree some time ago but only just got the guts to brave the heat. It's nice to have something other than the three records I've bought since I put the others away. Lying around on my bedroom floor talking about boys and sex and drama and all sorts of stuff and listening to old records on my thrifted (got it for a dollar) record player ended up being the perfect thing for a ridiculously hot summer evening. Thank god the vinyl hasn't melted in the heat yet.

(picture I took yesterday of some kind of flower, I don't know what it is, in our garden)


  1. I adore the print on your shirt. Thanks for linking me, i'll add you to my list :) xx

  2. It was on the NEWS how hot Seattle was yesterday. That's freaking nuts!

    Ahaha, US drinking age - what a joke. At 19, I'm happy to say that I'm legal in Canada.