Wednesday, September 16, 2009

blah blah blah

pants - gap, tee - pacsun, shoes - pf flyers, headband - claire's, purse - vintage coach

Gosh, I have had the nicest comments lately. You guys all rock. It really makes me happy to see I have new comments on a post. More followers or people linking to this blog from their own blog would also rock, if you're so inclined. And if I don't have a link to your blog and you think I should let me know! There's so many awesome blogs out there and I love discovering new ones.

This was another work outfit, so by definition boring. I'm already sick of the dresscode. I think it might be better in the winter when I can layer more, but right now anything more than a t-shirt is too hot for me. The first couple days I wore cardigans but it was too much. And when you're not allowed to have anything printed on a shirt, solid colored tees and the same pants get realllly boring. I'm definitely thinking about how I can mix it up but don't have any great ideas yet. I guess one thing I could do is wear skirts/dresses sometimes, since those seem to be fine as long as their not too short. I did have to go up on a ladder once but it seems like that will be pretty rare. I never could wear skirts or dresses when I worked at Bed Bath & Beyond because there was too much climbing of ladders and I would have been constantly flashing both customers and coworkers (and there were creepy members of both groups).

I am loving the new shoes. They're ridiculously comfortable and make me quite happy. I also wore a headband today, for the first time in ages. I got a few compliments on it, but I'm just not sure it suits me. It's super cute, with the bow and that awesome bronze color, but I don't know. I don't think I'm a headband person, especially skinny ones. I think wide headbands and bandanas or scarves suit me much better.

I also painted my nails yesterday and I love this color. When my nails are long I only like dark or bright colors, but definitely no red. Red I only do on short nails. This purple and a dark blue I have are two of my favorite colors to use. I think I'm going to try to wear more jewelry in order to make work outfits more interesting. I have tons and tons of amazing pieces which I never wear. I'll probably be taking pictures, even when they're not that exciting, just to encourage me to wear it more. But how the hell do you take attractive close ups of jewelry? Always seems to look weird to me.

rings - great grandmother's, bracelet - mom's from england

Well this has certainly been a poorly written, rambling post but you must forgive me. It's rather late and I was at work today and I just wanted to get a post up before going to bed. Tomorrow I am going to the fair with some friends. I am most excited for photobooths and the ferris wheel, and maybe some cotton candy.


  1. amazing nail color! and of course give me a shout next time youre in nyc!

  2. Dress codes really suck. I love the colors of your shirt and nail polish, though :)

  3. Re your comment: My minolta is the 3xi. It doesn't give me quite as much control as I would like (too many automated things, haha), but I think I like it.