Sunday, September 27, 2009

depeche to deftones

flannel shirt - thrifted from little boys department, pants - gap, shoes - pf flyers, sunglasses - thrifted humphrey's

Yesterday after work Justina and I headed into Seattle for a party Shane and his roomies were throwing a party at their place in the U District. We had fun but everyone else left by 12:30. What kind of party is that? Justina, Amanda, Harry, Shane and I hung out in his room until about 3, writing songs about absent friends and starting tickle fights. J and I stayed at Shane's and then today we met up with Michael and went to Memo's (it's this 24 hours Mexican place on the Ave) and then Neptune Music to look for Deftones videos and Depeche Mode records, and after hung in the park.

I wore my favorite flannel last night, but changed into jeans before going to the party. I'd just washed my work pants and didn't want to spill stuff all over them and go to work smelling all boozey. I'm thinking I need a haircut again. Although I love the long hair, it's kind of a pain and only looks good part of the time. The bangs definitely need a trim again too. I threw an extra shirt in my bag last night so I had something clean to wear today, which is always nice when you're not going straight home. I still looked scuzzy as shit though.

tank - gap, jeans - pacsun, shoes - pf flyers


  1. I think parties are always the best after everyone leaves, haha. I love the flannel!

  2. I love your top. There are a bunch of great bloggers in seattle I have to visit soon

  3. the top photo looks professional.

    i really love it, and your super pretty, all your photos are really cool!!!