Sunday, September 6, 2009

glasses glasses glasses

As I mentioned awhile back, I've been looking for new glasses. (I'm also looking for prescription sunglasses since the thing that annoys me most when I'm wearing glasses instead of contacts is not being able to put on sunglasses when I'm driving. Also, there's no way I'm using clip on sunglasses shades or dorky transition lenses.) I've been looking at Zenni Optical mainly, because they're so cheap. I've looked at a couple other sites as well, but they don't have anything I like better and they're more expensive. So here's some glasses I'm considering (all from

First, a basic pair. I like the shape, and these are in the very cheapest category. I'm a little disappointed they don't have solid black, but the green on the inside is kind of neat.

I also like them in a clear frame. Kind of hilarious. There's also black with clear, but I like those less than the black and green.

I also quite like these, they're just a little nerdier seeming to me. And come in solid black, which is nice.

The half-rim thing on these is kind of nice, but I sort of think they look too much like those cheap reading glasses they sell in drugstores without a prescription.

I like them in green best.

The shape of these kind of reminds me of my Humphrey's sunglasses, and I love the tortoiseshell frame. Basically I think these are really nice, but maybe not ugly/ridiculous enough for me.

I've always wanted a pair of cats eye glasses, but I'm not sure they'd work on my face. I think these are a nice shape though, not too extreme but still solidly cats eye.

The black is fine and probably most wearable, but I absolutely love them in that translucent red.

I'm also looking for something I could put tinted lenses with my prescription in. I need a pair of sunglasses. These ones work as big, face covering frames.

I actually like that weird clear/brown pattern, but there's also black, tortoiseshell, and white.

Finally, these could be either Buddy Holly style glasses or Wayfarer type sunglasses. I like them both ways.

The one glasses style I have not been able to find is a pair of browline frames, like what Malcolm X wore. They seem to be impossible to find, but I want a pair so bad. Look how sexy he looks.

So what do you think? Any styles you particularly like or dislike? Let me know your favorites or which ones you think would look like crap on me. Or give me suggestions of other styles you think I might like.

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