Saturday, September 19, 2009

do the puyallup

On Wednesday Justina and I went to the Puyallup Fair with Liam and his friends Spike and Ben. I hadn't been in a couple of years because Puyallup is kind of out of the way and fairs are expensive, but we missed the Evergreen State Fair this year and I really wanted to go to a fair. I love fairs!

shirt - gap, jeans - pacsun, purse - vintage coach with vintage silk scarf, shoes - pf flyers

I got this shirt when I was shopping for work pants. It was on sale and I really like it, even though it's a little big. I like the way it looks like I'm wearing a guy's shirt though. And the white color and cuffs with the blue shirt is just awesome. I'm still loving the PF Flyers. They are ridiculously comfortable and just look awesome, in my opinion. Favorite sneakers ever.

The boys played games but didn't win anything, and we ate tons of cotton candy and other junk and went on lots and lots of rides. We rode all three roller coasters, even the super old one where you think the car is totally going off the rails.

justina and me

spike and liam

ben flipping me off while wearing a poncho


  1. I was just there the other night too! Love the pictures you took.

  2. Lovely pictures and a lovely outfit! You're also very pretty ! :) xx

  3. What great photos! Seemed like a perfect night to walk around at a fair. I am now craving cotton