Tuesday, September 8, 2009

if only they knew helter skelter was about an amusement park ride

corduroys - delia's, tshirt - pacsun

Sunday was a ridiculously lazy day. I cleaned my room on Saturday and was kinda digging the clean and made bed and neat room. It's amazing how awesome a clean room is. Since summer is thoroughly over here now (so sad) the rain has started and it was cold and yucky. Perfect weather for slouchy corduroys though. I spent the whole rainy, yucky day reading up on the Manson Family. I've read Helter Skelter several times (first when I was about 11) but I ended up rereading some bits and pieces of it and doing some research online. There's so much I don't think we'll ever know for sure about how it all went down and what everyone's roles were.

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  1. I loved Helter Skelter! I was one of those weird kids who was into serial killers and was totally obsessed with learning everything I could about the Manson family.