Sunday, September 20, 2009

a post for a rainy day

coat - old navy, concert tee - depeche mode, skirt - secondhand, tights - garage sale dkny, shoes - converse

I wore this yesterday when Justina and I went to look at Halloween stuff. Sparkly skulls, bats, and such seem to be really popular this year and I like it.

I originally wore this with a different skirt, a plaid pencil skirt, and I liked it better like that, but the skirt was just way too small and it was uncomfortable. I like the black skirt too though. These tights are seriously the best tights I've ever had. I got them new in the package at a garage sale several years ago and they've held up amazingly well. They're microfiber and ribbed and totally opaque, so I wear them any time I need black tights.


  1. The design of that shirt is so cool! I love the map in the background :)

  2. Oh, I love this outfit with the jacket! You look awesome and comfy, too, which is always a plus when putting together an outfit.