Monday, September 14, 2009

hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. you are invited.

tank - gap, jeans - pacsun

This is a pretty lazy outfit, but I'm definitely liking these tanktops. Perfect amount of bagginess and a nice little pocket. I wore this today while I listened to records and wrote letters. That's seriously all I did all day. Well, there was a little cleaning too, which was good. My room is starting to be livable once again, but I'm so bloody sick of these stupid blue walls and the even worse blue trim. Definitely need to repaint, and soon.

Yesterday one of my eyes was bugging me and I kept rubbing it and ended up with all the makeup from that eye rubbed off. Surprisingly, I thought it looked kind of neat, so I decided to try it for real today. Heavy black eyeliner on one eye and only mascara on the other.

My shoes arrived today! I ordered them quite awhile ago and was super excited for them to arrive. I love them so so much. They're suede and leather and fit perfectly. Love them.


  1. That is a nicely fitting top. Cool makeup idea.

  2. Yes, I love grey jersey! Awesome choice. I have so much grey jersey in my wardrobe it's sickening.

    The map in the background of your picture reminds me of how awesome I think Geography is. I have most of my world capitals memorized, it's a little nerdy.

  3. Hey lady! cute shoes! thanks for your sweet comments about my cards! i'm glad you like them and i wish you luck on the rockstar giveaway

  4. I REALLLY loveeeeee this!so amazing:)