Friday, September 4, 2009

guess who is no longer unemployed

It's been longer than I intended since my last post, but my washing machine has been broken and I had no more clean clothes, so my outfits were pretty ugh. Nothing special today, I spent some time in my mom's classroom helping her students make knitting needles (she has the sweetest class this year, and I love how all of them, even the boys, are so excited about knitting). We were supposed to go to the Evergreen State Fair this afternoon but several people canceled (car troubles, stuck in Bellevue, funeral, etc.) so Amanda and I rented I Love You Man, which I hadn't seen, despite my love of Paul Rudd. It was good.

sweater - thrifted uniqlo, tshirt - target, jeans - pacsun, belt - thrifted, shoes - converse, bag - vintage coach

I got a job today! I had an interview at Ben Franklin on Tuesday and just heard back today that I got it! I'm so glad to be employed again! Seriously, such a relief. I work three days a week, Tuesday and Friday evening, and Sunday during the day. Unfortunately the dress code doesn't allow jeans and I don't have any non-jean pants, so shopping is in order. Actually, maybe that's not so unfortunate. I like shopping. It's an excuse to spend some money, which now I will be making again. Also, just ordered these shoes (pf flyers number 5) last night. I'm in love.


  1. congrats on the job. i always love an excuse for shopping

  2. Awesome job on getting the job! What is Ben Franklin? Is it a retail store?