Saturday, September 12, 2009

pills and thrills and daffodills will kill

tank - gap, pants - gap, sweater - secondhand, shoes - vans, purse - vintage coach, sunglasses - thrifted humphrey's

These are my new pants (and a new tanktop) I got for work. I really like them, they fit awesome and are super comfortable. I had the sweater for work later on, since obviously I can't just wear a tanktop. But it was really hot yesterday, like summer again. Justina and Amanda met me when I got off work at nine and we went into Seattle to hang out with our friend Shane. We ended up going to a midnight showing of Purple Rain at the Egyptian (Amanda and Shane had never seen it before) and sneaking in a bottle of whiskey. It was kind of the most awesome thing ever. Some people we vaguely knew, friends of a friend, were at the movie as well and we started chatting with them while we were waiting for the bus back to the U District. We all caught the same bus and they invited us back to their place for some homebrew beers. It was a pretty great night.


  1. What a pretty photo, thanks so much for sharing.

  2. the lighting in this picture is so pretty! xo