Wednesday, September 9, 2009

summer = officially over

coat - old navy, sweater - thrifted, where the wild things are tee - urban outfitters, jeans - pacsun, shoes - converse

Labor Day was super rainy and grey here so my mom and I decided to go shopping. She usually doesn't like to shop much, but I really needed some pants for work (my first day was yesterday). We're not allowed to wear jeans and I discovered that I really don't have any non-jean pants. Well, I've got those corduroys I wore the other day, but they're so baggy and sloppy I didn't feel like they'd be appropriate. So I convinced my mom to go to the Gap with me and found some nice dark grey pants. I really dig them. I also got a couple shirts; a nice blue button up, a sheer green ruffled top, and two tank tops. There was a bunch of clearance stuff, plus they had a sale where if you bought more than three items, all your stuff was 25% off. Pretty sweet.


  1. it is officially over i'm so happy!!! great time to pull out more stylish clothing =)

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