Sunday, August 2, 2009

20 isn't the most exciting birthday, but it's a nice one

dress - hand-me-down (from banana republic), shoes - bucco

This is the dress I was thinking about shortening. My grandmother was here and offered to help me with any mending I had, so I asked her what she thought. Her feeling was that taking any more than two or three inches off would ruin the lines of the dress. I decided to take her advice, but there was still a problem. I washed the dress after I found it in my attic and shrank a bit and no longer fit me. We decided to take the facing out so we could move the buttons over a bit, even though this would make the whole thing off center. The solution was not perfect, but it made the dress wearable, so I am happy.

Anyways, I wore this in the evening on my birthday, to go to the local mexican restaurant and then go dancing in the street (there was a band playing to celebrate the new stuff they did on main street). It was fun and ridiculous and chill. I didn't hang with friends on my actual birthday, but I'm thinking of having a party with Amanda, since she never really did much to celebrate her birthday back in June. We're thinking a sweet garden party, with pretty dresses, cute decorations, and tasty food.

Tomorrow I am going shopping with J, with some specific goals for both of us, but I'll get into that later.

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  1. happy belated birthday darling!