Monday, August 24, 2009


jacket - cotton on, scarf - vintage (mom's), shirt - pacsun, jeans - pacsun, shoes - converse

I've gotten into the most terrible sleeping habits lately. Sleeping in wayyy to late and then not being able to fall asleep at a reasonable time. It also means the only time I'm up and dressed and doing things is at night, so pictures are a little more difficult. So I'm sorry for another odd picture, I have yet to figure out what to do with my white balance on this setting (which otherwise gives the best results).

I wore this outfit on Saturday to see Ponyo with Justina and Amanda. Totally adorable movie. I have yet to see (500) Days of Summer, but I've already decided Ponyo is cuter. I think I may wait to see (500) Days of Summer until it comes out on DVD because, well I'm just not excited about it like when it first came out. And I was too broke to go to the movies then, so I think I missed my chance to have a good theater experience of (500) Days of Summer. Oh well.

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