Saturday, August 22, 2009

bumming about

I've basically not been wearing anything cool since...the Depeche Mode concert probably was the last time I wore something interesting. It's been all jeans and t-shirts and boring-ness since then. I don't know what's up with that.

It might be the weather. We had a few hot days and now it's just all boring and blah. Not rainy and misty or stormy, not pleasantly warm, not sweltering heat, just blah. Meh temperatures, somewhat overcast, boring. I hate it. I like WEATHER. I like it to be hot or cold. I like it to be rainy or sunny. I hate this inbetween bullshit.

I promise I'll start dressing better though. I'm also looking at eyeglasses frames, so expect a post on those soon. I'm having a bitch of a time deciding what to go with. I'm thinking about finding the ugliest frames possible at a thrift store, huge old grandpa style ones and getting my prescription put in them. I'm also really digging clear plastic frames, big black plastic (thick and square) frames, tortoiseshell, and half rim plastic frames (think Malcolm X). Yeah, I don't like metal frames whatsoever.

So maybe I'll have a post soon with some of the frames I'm considering. In the meantime, this is what I wore on Thursday for a random trip in Bellevue with Amanda. She had to bring her dad's forgotten wallet to him and I tagged along so I could get some film developed (except I decided I hate the place I took it to because I'm not happy with their print quality) and we went on an epic adventure to find gelato. None was found so we settled for Coldstone and hung out in Robinswood Park.

shirt - pacsun, pants - urban outfitters, belt - found, shoes - target, sunglasses - thrifted humphrey's

By the way, if you know any sources of cheap eyeglasses, let me know in the comments. I've been looking at Zenni Optical, the frames section of Coastal Contacts, and 39 Dollar Glasses (they look pretty good for using your own frames if I go the thriftstore route), but if you know of some other places, please share.


  1. i really like your bangs, you wear them well. your hair looks so long and thick!

    also, ive been trying to find frames for my boyfriend at garage sales and thrift stores, and its really hard! but i think itll be worth the work when we find a pair that nobody else will ever have! good luck in your searsh!

  2. Thanks for thinking of us for some new eyeglasses. Did you know that you can upload a pic and "try them on"? Here's a link to our Virtual Mirror so you can see how some of the frames that we offer look on you.

    Patty G, at Coastal Contacts