Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DEPECHE MODE: Tour of the Universe

As I'm sure you've gathered, I'm a huge Depeche Mode Fan. When Justina and I found out they were coming to Seattle there was no question in our minds that we would be there. We were all set to to buy pre-order tickets when Liam's manager told him he could get the three of us tickets for free. He knows people. We make sure he's sure he can do it, and say ok. I mean, I'm broke, I'd always rather get into concerts free.

hat - gift from j, earring - mom's (she lost the other one), shirt - pacsun, sweatshirt - old navy, jeans - thrifted/diy, tights - urban outfitters, shoes - converse

headband - h&m, slip (worn as a dress) - thrifted, shirt - h&m, coat - old navy, shoes - thrifted

Justina and I have been planning our outfits for ages. We're inspired by Depeche Mode fans from the 80s and general "Depeche aesthetic." The words "that's so Depeche" are common utterances for us. We go shopping and put together the perfect outfits, and I have fun beating the shit out of a pair of jeans.

Finally, it's the 10th. So stoked. Driving to pick up Justina, with the mp3 on shuffle, a Depeche Mode song comes and I, honest to god, get the shivers. Driving to the Key Arena, Justina gets a call from Liam. Our tickets have been given away. Apparently there was a disagreement between the band and Live Nation and Live Nation released all the band holds. Live Nation sucks. We get there, and wait for Liam to show up. Our options are buying tickets from scalpers or the box office. Liam's manager feels so bad about it all that he gives him $400.

Liam gets there and we decide to check at will call. There's a chance we might still have our original tickets. They haven't gotten any of the band's holds yet. We wait for awhile and get worried that we won't be able to get good seats if we wait to long. Check what's available at the box office. For $80 a piece we can get three seats on the floor, 14 rows back. That's good. Damn good. In fact, I've never had seats that good. We have the cash and decide to go with that. The seats are better than what should have been on hold for us anyways.

There's still awhile until the show, so we go get dinner. Paid for by Liam's manager, as he doesn't expect any of the money he gave Liam back. Like I said, he feels bad. He also sounds like a really decent guy and a good manager. Justina and I plan to make him a card and some cookies. At least once, I hear the words "Depeche Mode" when someone is looking at us and am glad that our outfits are so obviously Depeche. They're close to being costumey, but I honestly love it and am extemely inspired by the clothes Depeche Mode fans wore in the 80s.

We head back to the Key Arena. No bags to have searched so we hardly have to wait. Right when we get in, there's merch. We have $120 left after tickets and food. Shirts are $40 each. It's perfect. While we wait, we hear Peter Bjorn and John start. We decide what shirts we want. There's so many to chose from. Plus all sorts of random things like mugs and hats and tote bags. We wait. And wait. God, it takes forever. Finally get our shit and head to our seats. Which are amazing. There's a runway sticking out from the stage that goes almost all the way to our row. I've never had better seats. Granted, most concerts I go to don't actually have seats, but of those that have, this is definitely the best. Peter Bjorn and John were done playing before we even got out of line.

I think I just about peed myself from excitement when the band came on. Seeing David Gahan, in person, so close, made my life. And Martin Gore and Andrew Fletcher as well. They all looked amazing. Well, Andrew Fletcher is kind of fat now, but he has nice glasses. Martin Gore was the best, in his silver sequined 3-piece suit. He changed guitars throughout the show, but at one point he was playing a silver one shaped like a star and that was my favorite. He took his jacket off after the first few songs but still had the sequined vest and his arms and face and basically every bit of exposed skin was covered in silver glitter. He seriously glowed when the spotlights were on him. My camera couldn't capture it, so he looks sort of holy. David Gahan wore a black vest with a little bit of sparkly-ness, but not nearly as flashy as Martin Gore's. My favorite thing ever is David Gahan spinning and twirly around and shaking his ass on stage. Justina and I both agree, he's kind of hot. But Martin Gore makes me want to wear the most ridiculous clothes and paint my nails black.

They didn't play a lot of songs that I was hoping they would play, and they played some songs I wasn't as familiar with. Kind of made me feel like a poser instead of a true Depeche Mode fan, but I pretty much just listen to whatever tapes I can find at Half Price Books or Neptune Music, so I can't help it. They did play Master and Servant and Personal Jesus. And they had TWO encores. I've never been to a concert with two encores, but they are just that badass.

It was basically the most epic and amazing concert going experience I've ever had. The drama with the tickets only added to it, and ended up being a good thing since we had the money left over for shirts. Which, by the way, look awesome. In conclusion, I have a deep and everlasting love for David Gahan, Martin Gore, and Andrew Fletcher. (And fuck the drummer and other keyboard player, by the way. They're total lame-asses.)

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  1. Whoah, his silver suit is totally amazing! You and your friend's outfits are excellent too. I;m glad you had such a good time!