Tuesday, August 25, 2009

alien me

I just found this sketch of myself I did about a year and a half ago. I really enjoy sketching with colored pencils like this. Something about using color in a non-realistic way frees me up. Using cooler tones for shadows and warmer for highlights works best because the warmer tones really pop against the cool. As always, I'm rather frustrated with the quality of the scan. I tried to adjust contrast and such after I scanned it, but my scanner simply cannot handle subtle variations in tone. So it looks overworked in some areas (and it very well may have been, but it's not nearly as apparent in real life) and underworked in others and that frustrates me. The sketch was not done from life, but from a picture I took of myself in the breakroom when I used to work at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Also, I am pissed because I was supposed to go into Seattle today for an Exclusive Deftones Live in Hawaii Party and it was cancelled. Because my stupid friend who was hosting it decided he wanted to do mushrooms today, instead of playing Deftones related drinking games at 2 in the afternoon. And he didn't even tell me it was cancelled, I only found out because I texted my friend to see if she needed a ride and she told me. Lameness.


  1. It's always crazy to look back at old works of art, so nostalgic and uncomfortable at the same time...

    So you are near Seattle, that's awesome! I love Seattle... the food, Pikes Place market... awesome.

  2. Bahaha! Don't you hate when friends want to do shrooms instead of other things?