Friday, August 7, 2009

in which i have nothing new to say

Well, I've been a wretched blogger (every time I write that word, I want to spell it "retched"). I'm housesitting right now and I've just been lazy and boring. It's also all of a sudden rather cool and I'm actually missing the earlier, rather unbearable heat. I don't want summer to be over yet. I haven't been taking pictures because I'm mainly been pretty boring in jeans and a tshirt/have worn things I've posted recently so why bother posting them again. I did find a couple pictures which I didn't post recently though, so I've got something to talk about.

bikini - victoria's secret, giant beach ball - birthday present from last year

Went swimming with a bunch of friends up at Lake Margaret last week and played with this giant inflatable beach ball. It is huge. It's so big, the wind catches and it skims along the surface of the water just out of reach. It can be rather frustrating, but it's very entertaining.

shirt - urban outfitters, pants - urban outfitters, shoes - random gladiators, sunglasses - crossroads

Wore this outfit when I went shopping with Justina on Monday. We were looking for stuff to wear to the Depeche Mode concert on the 10th. So so excited. We found the perfect outfit for her, and some stuff that worked for me, and it's going to be excellent. We're dressing like Depeche Mode fans from the 80s (/90s a little). Watch Depeche Mode 101 (the part about the fans) and you'll see our inspiration.

These deer keep coming and eating all the apples on the ground and some off the tree. It's really frustrating my mom because she wants to use those apples for cider. Our dog doesn't do a thing and the deer aren't scared of her anymore. I kinda think they're cute, expecially when the fawns with their white spots come by.

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