Sunday, August 16, 2009

watermelon and ladders in the garden

I finished one housesitting job and immediately had to go to the next, where unfortunately the internet seems to be not working so I'm only able to get online when I come home. Luckily this one is just five minutes away from my house, and over tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get back to regular posting. In the meantime, I wore this outfit a couple days ago.

shirt - pacsun, jeans - pacsun, shoes - converse

I seriously have so many of these exact shirts in many different colors. They're on sale nearly all the time at PacSun. Unfortunately the last time I was there it looked like my favorite style of jeans is no longer being sold. I loved their straight leg jeans, the ones I am wearing in these pictures because they fit me so perfectly and don't have any weird washes.

I know I take pictures in this spot rather often, but there's a retaining wall at the perfect height to set my camera so I don't have to get out the tripod, and the tree is a nice background. The ladder happened to be there because my mom was picking apples to press into cider. Yum! Can't wait for that. Hard cider is one of my favorite drinks, unfortunately we usually finish it all off within a few months of making it and have to wait a whole year to drink it again. I have also been eating huge amounts of watermelon, obviously. So yummy and refreshing. I can eat an entire melon myself over a few days.

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