Saturday, August 1, 2009

iced coffee, sandwiches, used books, and a walk by the river

shirt - target, shorts - diy cutoffs, purse - vintage coach, sunglasses - crossroads vintage on the ave, shoes - online, scarf - thrifted

This is what I wore during the day on my birthday. Yesterday we were hanging out with my grandparents, and we went to the park by the river, the used bookstore, and the new coffeeshop (they have delicious sandwiches, the sundried tomato and porcini one is amazing). The used bookstore is my favorite ever. I picked up One Hundred Years of Solitude and because it was my birthday (and I've known everyone who works there pretty much since birth), I got it for free. So sweet. I just found out that this purse is probably a lot older than I thought it was. I think my mom got it when she was a teenager, and a friend of the family gave it to her, so it may have aready been vintage when she got it. I was thinking it was probably from the eighties or nineties, but it sounds like it's a bit older.

I really like this vintage silk scarf I got at the thrift store with Amanda a couple weeks ago. It's small, but the pattern is really cute. And it's nice to hold my hair back when it's hot like this. It is starting to cool down though, thank god. Yesterday was bearable, and today was even better. And the nights, oh man the nights are so nice and cool now after that stupid unrelenting heat.