Tuesday, August 11, 2009

listening to you, i get the music

shirt - pacsun, jeans - pacsun, necklace - vintage, shoes - converse

Nothing too exciting, but this is what I wore on Sunday. Hung out with Amanda, watched Sabrina and ate dinner at her house and worked on destroying the jeans I wore for the Depeche Mode concert. Which will be posted about in great detail tomorrow (I hope, but I've been a rather lazy blogger lately) so I'll just say that it was a really great show and leave it at that.

This necklace was in a jewelry box from my stepdad's grandmother, I believe. It was all costume jewelry, but some pretty neat stuff. There was a great little necklace with big dark green beads that unfortunately broke. I need to find all the beads and restring that. At one point I actually wanted to dye my hair the color of this necklace. I loved the neon yellow-green. Oh, and I finally trimmed my bangs! So much better, now I can actually see. Actually, my cousin Riley did it for me, and she did a fantastic job. She's very careful and precise and took of just the right amount. So tough to do with bangs!

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